Domely Connect™

Introducing Domely, the new way to monitor your roof.

The power to make profitable and proactive decisions.

See how it works

The intelligent modules are placed on your roof.

  • Simply from the address, our artificial intelligence algorithms identify vulnerable locations on the roof.
  • No complex installation or drilling is required thanks to our secure self-supporting base.

They constantly monitor your roof, analyzing and anticipating problems objectively.

  • Autonomous, self-powered and connected to the LTE-M network, the smart device detects snow load and risk level in real time.
  • 360° visual access to the roof with AI digital vision.
  • Sleep soundly, they detect everything: snow load, water accumulation, debris, cracks, moss, lack of gravel, clogged drain, etc...

Receive risk alerts and personalized intelligent recommendations.

  • Possibility to customize notification thresholds according to what is detected.
  • Weather forecasts and evolution of the anticipated risk level.
  • Recommendation of the best time to act in order to significantly reduce snow removal costs and guarantee safety.

Have peace of mind and enjoy the savings.

  • Self-Standing

    The smart modules simply drop onto any flat roof to avoid any complex structural installation. They are delivered on secure self-supporting bases, so they do not damage the roof and can be moved at your convenience.

  • Autonomous

    No wifi connection or power sources required on the roof. Our sensors are powered by solar rechargeable battery and we have reliable low power network connectivity for IoT devices.

  • Low cost

    Our patent pending technology solution is simple and very affordable. You can benefit from it for a low monthly fee.

  • No more wasteful expenses

    Whether you are a building owner or manager, in addition to preventing certain potentially catastrophic consequences, our solution allows you to avoid costly trips, verifications or interventions.

  • Insurance savings

    You could even save on insurance. Just like an alarm system or a water leak detection system, our technology is recognized by some insurers.