Domely DeepSnow™

Throughout the winter, Domely's DeepSnow™ technology provides constant monitoring of snow load achieved on roofs. Our proactive alerts allow insurers and property managers to track the risk exposure of all their buildings and get a recurring customized report outlining the risk and best recommended actions.

Track your entire building portfolio

  • From one address, this affordable solution allows you to intelligently manage snowy roofs by acting proactively and avoiding unnecessary snow removal or inspection costs.
  • Be notified efficiently and proactively, avoid disasters and avoid unnecessary expenses
  • White label solution available for building managers and insurers.

Smart monitoring of your roofs powered by artificial intelligence

  • Powered by artificial intelligence
  • Requires no physical device installation
  • Collects and analyzes a multitude of national data sources, including weather data and unique data from connected objects and professional rooftop inspections.

The DeepSnow™ technology also considers the unique characteristics of each building allowing for a fair and personalized assessment:

  • Age of the building
  • Type of roof
  • Building code in effect
  • Exposure of the building to the weather

With Domely, you get the added bonus of a nationwide network of roofing consultants who will travel to the site for an assessment in the event of a critical risk.